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Thank You for visiting our site today. As you explore our ministry it is our hope that you experience the presence and love of our Father. If you have any questions that  we did not answer please feel free to contact us using the link provided.  Check out the "Who we are, what we do" section for some history of our ministry and what we do.

The following story is an example of what we see every time we minister. This is the story of Audrey. Imagine this is about your daughter.  Late one night we are down on Main St and 63rd. We meet Audrey, a pretty woman about 23 years old. We ask if she wanted something to eat, she says yes. As we speak with Audrey we learn that she has had some troubles. We have all made some bad decisions, but hers have led her to a very unhealthy lifestyle. She supports this lifestyle through various activities with unknown men, doing things that no parent wants their baby girl doing.  Ultimately, she lost sight of herself.  Who she was and any dignity she had has been stolen along with the innocence of a young girl. Her dreams of being a mom and wife were all but dead. In her eyes she was trapped and could not see any hope of a normal life ever being hers.  Being a dad of a beautiful 6 yr old girl, I began to think how does this happen?   She is someone’s beautiful baby girl.
It is true that the eyes are the windows of the soul.  As we spoke with her we could see there was still some life in her soul. I began to speak to her about who she is in the eyes of God. Telling her that she is still Daddy’s little princess. That the King of the universe is madly in love with her and that he is still proud of her. He still has a great plan for her. That he dances over her with wild excitement just at the thought of her. 
The tears began to flow. As we talked, Audrey’s eyes continued to well up, but she had to be strong. The streets are not friendly to tears. Audrey stopped crying and thanked us for the food. She said she wanted the crack to get out of her body. We offered her a way off the street through The Heart of the Street. We prayed for her before we left. 
As we drove away, I decided to give her one of my cards. When we circled around, she told us we were the first men who did not treat her like ____. She said she was going to tell a friend that “that is true love”, referring to the way we treated her.
This is the type of ministry we are.  You may not be able to go with us but you can still have a big impact on the lives of these people. We treated Audrey with dignity and God made an impact on somebody’s little girl. How would you feel about the person who treated your daughter with respect and unconditional love, thus restoring hope to her life? 
To schedule a speaking engagement just email us through the "contact us" with information about how to get in touch with you, and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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